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Q: I would like to make a purchase with my credit card, but I see that a credit card payment is not an option.  Why?
 A:  Our website's shopping cart does not currently support credit card payments due mostly to thriftiness on our part, but also because we have been dealing on eBay for the past 5 years using PayPal almost exclusively to receive payment for parts and accessories we have had for sale there. Now, it is eBay policy that eBay purchases can ONLY be paid for with either PayPal(an eBay company) or ProPay(eBay ProStores payments) which hints at the vast number of people who use PayPal to make payments on eBay and elsewhere online.  You CAN make credit card payments using PayPal, so making a purchase here at www.cameronsmallengines.com with a credit card is possible, though you will have to sign up for a PayPal account which is completely free by the way.  You can most certainly give us a call and make any purchases you'd like over the phone with a credit card as we DO have a merchant credit card account that we use at our physical location in Cameron, Texas.
Q:  Can I make purchases using any other method of payment such as a personal check or money order?
A: Yes, we can accept both money orders and personal checks, but rather than adding items to our shopping cart, you'll have to email us(csmallengines@gmail.com), give us a call so we can take your order verbally, or you may fax your order in to us.  If you email or fax your order in to us, please include your full name, shipping address, phone number and email address.  Once we have your order in hand, we will hold it until we receive your payment, and in the case of a personal check, will wait until it clears the bank to ship your item(s).Phone and Fax are the same: 254-697-3452
Q: How long will it take for purchases I make to arrive?
A: Parts and accessories purchases are usually shipped within 24 hours of payment received(with the exception of holidays and weekends) and typically are sent with USPS First Class Mail.  Engines will either be sent by FedEx or UPS with similar ship time.  In the event of a problem with an order or a delay in shipment, the buyer would be contacted and made privy to the issue at hand.
Q: Are my purchases with www.cameronsmallengines.com insured automatically when shipped?
A: No, purchases can be insured upon request, but insurance is not added unless we receive a specific request to do so.
Q: How can I track the progress of a purchase I have made?
A:  With the exception of engines and international shipping addresses, all postage applied to purchases will be printed using PayPal Shipping.  Each shipping label printed with PayPal is automatically assigned a USPS tracking number which can be tracked at www.usps.com.  There are two ways to get this tracking number, #1--once your payment has been made, and the postage has been printed,
PayPal automatically ties that tracking number to the payment that you made.  You'll be able to view your payment, and in turn your tracking number, in your PayPal history. #2--you can call us at 254-697-3452 Monday, Thursday, and Friday 8AM-5PM, or email us at  csmallengines@gmail.com and we'll be glad to convey that information to you.
Q: What is www.cameronsmallengines.com's return policy for purchases?
A: Part numbers are provided for all parts to ensure that our customers are getting the correct parts for their application.  If you are unsure of your application's compatibilty with one of our parts, please contact us to confirm a fit before you buy.  In other words, the purchaser is responsible for getting the correct part be that through us here at cameronsmallengines.com looking up a part for the purchaser using a model number or through their own research as we don't presently have an online parts look-up.  If there is a goof on our part concerning an order, we will be most happy to correct it to the customer's satisfaction in a timely manner or provide a full refund for the purchase.
Q: I need some help determining which part I need for my Snapper zero-turn mower.  Can you help?
A: Yes, we can assist you in finding the correct parts for nearly any outdoor power equipment brand.  All we need is the model and serial or specification number from the application.  If you need engine parts, we'll need the above mentioned numbers from the engine rather than the frame as numbers from the frame will give us frame parts rather than engine parts, and vice versa for frame parts.  In hand-held applications such as chainsaws or trimmers, the model number and serial numbers will usually suffice for finding anything you need on that unit, with the exception of carburetor parts.  Carburetor parts breakdowns on hand-held units are not always included in illustrated parts lists with the rest of the parts for that unit.  That being the case, the identifying numbers from the carburetor itself are helpful if not necessary to get carburetor parts for your hand-held outdoor power equipment.
Q: I am trying to find out what carburetor kit I need for my Poulan chainsaw. What information do I need to find what I'm looking for?
A:  Sometimes, by the parts illustration, the model number for the chainsaw will tell us what kind of carburetor that the saw came with originally, but with Poulan, that typically isn't the case. So what you'd need is the identifying numbers from the carburetor itself to find out what carburetor rebuild kit or any other parts you'd need for it.
Q: Where on my 2-cycle carburetor will I find the identifying numbers?
A: Typically, the identifying numbers are stamped into the aluminum body, or block of the carburetor itself and sometimes, the carburetor has to be removed in order to see these numbers.  There are 2 common brands of 2-cycle carburetors found on hand-held units--Walbro and Zama, and one that seems to be less and less common--Tillotson.  The Tillotson carburetors were common on older Stihl products. A typical Walbro carburetor number is WA-226, or WT-594.  A common Zama carburetor number is C1U-K52, or C1Q-S78.  A common Tillotson carburetor number is HK-10C.  Some of the lower-end, cheaper hand-held units are coming equipped with carburetors that have no identifying numbers on them to be seen.  When you come across those you will likely find the carburetor parts illustration listed with the other parts tied to that unit's model number.  
For any other questions, please feel free to email or call us!


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