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Phil Van Cleave-Owner
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408 W. Batte St, Cameron, TX 76520| Phone: 254.697.3452| Fax: 254.697.3452 |csmallengines@gmail.com

A little history...

        Cameron Seed Company was established by Walter Lester in 1946 as a feed and seed store in Cameron, Texas just off the town square in what used to be a thriving part of town known by most as "Dutch Town."  Check out our neighbors next door--Dutch Towne Deli and Cafe!<---Great food, great atmosphere!  In the '40s, Cameron supported a population of 20,000 people, and Batte street was the main drag in town at that time with many successful businesses.  Phil Van Cleave purchased Cameron Seed Company from Mr. Lester in 1981 and expanded the business to include sales, service and repair of outdoor power products such as lawnmowers, chainsaws, and string trimmers which is now what we are best known for.
      Effective January 1st 2017 Cameron Seed Company has new ownership, and a new name, but remains in the family--passed from father to son.  Cameron Small Engines, LLC is our new legal name with Cameron Seed Company as our dba and we are looking forward to another 35 years of serving this community and county(and beyond!).
       Cameron Small Engines continues to offer garden and flower seeds and lawn and garden products, but have phased out the sale of feeds in past years.  The businesses around our shop here on Batte street have all since closed down for one reason or other over the years, but Cameron Small Engines has lived on due to diversification of our products and services.